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Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflective Visual Journal

Principle 1 - To draw and work by hand.
In order to physically engage the hand, eye, and brain, it is essential to work by hand. It helps us to observe, and recognise elements we may not have seen before, to actually see what is there, rather than what we think is there. Think visually. Henry Charles Beck's london underground could be described as a type of mind map, working out how best to display the aspects of the underground system.

"Henry Beck designed the first diagrammatic style tube map in 1933." Beck would take sections from maps to help him rework the system, as it was originally displayed by geographically placing the stops. 'This is a section from a map that was never issued.' It was found that geographic accuracy was not as important as how to get from one station to the other and how to change. 
Today's underground map. Uses colour to differentiate between service lines, and circles to show which lines intersect for changes. The design is clear and very legible which makes it accessible for a wide audience.

Principle 2- Utilise your brain
Working in Reflective visual journals, mind maps and use drawing to process thoughts. (the right side of the brain). Then by reflecting and organising your thoughts, you are using the left side of the brain. Clarifying and refining ideas, fully exploring a theme. 

David Carson's typography. First he has addressed the issue of tone of voice within typography with the statement 'Don't mistake legibility for communication.' Visual design should be representative of the message you are communicating. The word whisper in a bold font with capital letters is very legible, but doesn't communicate the meaning of the word. This piece  is in a legible type but make no sense when read left to right.  The right brain has playfully re-arranged the words to emphasise the point. But the left side of the brain has organised the words, logically determining the spacing between letters, and order of the words, in order to scramble the message but still be clear enough to understand. Left brain logically re-arranges the words into the correct order. 


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