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Monday, February 21, 2011

Designing for Digital

Helping and Independent Coffee Chain go Digital.

Consider how it will be distributed, the user experience, and how to optimise that experience for the particular platform.

Initiatives created for the coffee chain, to help them to go digital:

  • Digital Loyalty card
  • Coffee of the Day Menu (similar to Sub of the Day)
  • Find us (nearest coffee store)
  • Compare (compare to other leading coffee chains)
For this brief I Chose to use a smart phone application as my platform for digital launch. As this allows mobility for the initiatives i am introducing.

Possible names for the company:  
Coffee Cabin, Cabin Coffee, Caffeinate Me, Wired, Jitterbug, Heart Racing, Accommodate Caffeinate, Caffeine House, Coffee Shakes, Coffee Carousel, Carouse, Coffee Coffin.

Designing a colour scheme for the company

First Idea

I then decided this was too boxy and boring, and changed my design to this:
This design gave the type more shape, and the texture was a cutout from a coffee cardboard holder which was kind of accidental but gave the image personality to an otherwise bland design. The light tones of the cup holder contrasts against the original dark mahogany brown. 

The hand written type here is far from perfect, with some letters tilting forwards, backwards or bolt upright. Also the spacing between the letters needs to be adjusted so its equal. However as it was a quick brief I didn't really have time to alter the flaws of the design.  I will keep it as it is and learn from my mistakes for next time. 

Started working on a loyalty card, however realised i needed some form of logo for the company to use as a stamp.

 - This was too detailed, the design wouldn't be legible as the size of a stamp on a smart phone screen and instead used a coffee bean.

Then i wanted to learn how to make the buttons of my application look real so i followed an online tutorial, and this is what i got.
Notice the shadows and glass effect as if is on a screen. Very simple to make as well. 
I then incorporated all the buttons into each screen of the application

Here is the button for Coffee of the Day.

And then the final images: 


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